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Developing intercultural training skills

Comments from past participants



I very much enjoyed the course and I think that I learnt a lot from working with people from such different places. It also made me think a lot about the virtues of training vs facilitating, even though I am not quite clear yet how this will impact my work here in China. Either way, I think it's been a very good experience for me.

Andy J, China


I must tell you it was a great time for me. I've learnt a lot and met wonderful people. I was also very much impressed by the way you organised everything. Thank you very much for that. 

Ewa G, Poland

I really enjoyed the week and found it extremely useful and informative.  I have come back to the university full of ideas and enthusiasm, so thanks to all of you at LTS for such a good experience. 

Kathryn P, UK


I wanted to thank you for this wonderful experience, I have learned so much, and I really appreciated it!

Rosi N, Italy


Just would like to thank you for the great course last week. I really learnt a lot and returned home inspired and motivated to keep on doing my intercultural work. I also appreciated a lot both your and Phillip's attitudes and approach towards the learning and us as learners. I will certainly recommend the course to colleagues of mine.

Darko M, Serbia


Just wanted to take a chance to thank you once again for a great course. It made a very memorable impression and I am sure to harvest its fruit for a long time.

Karina G, Australia


You gave us a really super workshop - I've been to a lot of trainings and workshops over the years (and do some too) and I can honestly stand with hand on heart and say that yours was the most practical and professional I've ever been to

Karenne S, Germany


I just wanted to take the opportunity and express my enjoyment  about last week`s  workshop. I was in particular impressed by the various presentation held by the course participants which really helped to increase my knowledge about and sensitivity towards other cultures. Again, I think it was a great event!  

Immanuel W, Germany


I want to say how much I really enjoyed the course, how relevant it was for me, and how much I gained from it. I am amazed at how much material you gave us, and the level of detail. Thank you again … you really took good care of us.  

Susan C, Canada and Germany


I enjoyed the seminar a lot, and am sure I could use many of the ideas in my future trainings. Also, the contacts that I created with some of the participants are very valuable.  

Daphna U, Israel and Germany


I would like to thank you again for a most interesting and enjoyable training course! 

It has been very valuable for me as I have gained further insight into the field of intercultural training. I feel that I have developed the skills now for designing intercultural training courses with all the information and tools you have given us. 

Maggie L, Germany


The training course in Bath was of tremendous value to me. I built confidence in conducting the type of the training, as well as gaining essential knowledge, skills and techniques through the course. Equally, the course opened the channel and possibilities for my further career development in the UK and Europe. Words simply can not explain my gratefulness towards both of you!   

Ella W, China and UK


It’s been very helpful, having to think much more consciously and professionally about one’s role as a trainer. I feel I have a clearer idea now about training vs facilitating, and how my own preconceived notions/cultural perceptions impact on the training itself.

Ming W, Germany and Singapore


I have found this course very beneficial to me – it truly exceeded my expectations. The materials and information about resources were very helpful. The other participants were an excellent resource as well. I have gained more than I thought I would.   

Nilam V, UK


I gained so much from the course – to be careful about making judgements, rear view mirror, the other participants’ experience and stories, the many practical tasks

Heather M, Northern Ireland


Awareness of types of intercultural training as well as outlines for learning them. Great modelling of how to use participants as resources, supported by written materials for future reference. What’s immediately useful in my training courses are the cultural elements in negotiations/meetings etc. Good use of anecdotes to convey message.

List of resources – great. Key issues for values put into layman’s language.

Patricia C, Germany and UK


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