Consultancy Services

Providing consultancy services to our clients is a logical complement to the 20 years experience in corporate language and intercultural training which LTS consultants have acquired.

The main areas in which we provide consultancy services are:

  • carrying out language audits to assess training needs

  • planning and managing language training programmes

  • advising on the selection of training providers

  • recruiting and seconding trainers for short or long term periods

  • developing training materials

  • developing language tests

  • assessing intercultural competencies and suitability for international assignments    

Consultancy session

LTS developed the concept of the language audit in 1980. This is a process to assess an organisation's present language capabilities and future training needs. A language audit enables a company to set clear and measurable objectives for training and is now an industry standard.

Our most recent development is the international version of the International Management Assessment (IMA), a full day assessment and development centre tool, to evaluate managers' intercultural sensitivity and aptitude for international assignments. The IMA was originally developed by Théry International Management in Paris for use with French international companies.


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