Intercultural Training

Speaking a common language such as English does not by itself guarantee effective communication. It is also important to be aware of the different behaviour, attitudes and values of people from different cultures.

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LTS has been providing training and consulting in intercultural awareness and communication since 1990. Effective intercultural training can often make the difference between success and failure of an international assignment or an international project. Some examples are - expatriation of managers and their families; working in international project teams; and international joint ventures and mergers.



We offer a range of intercultural training courses according to the needs of our clients. The main ones are:

People relocating to other countries. Here the aim is to help the assignees and their families to know and understand more about the country and culture they are moving to.

Working in international teams or Working internationally with clients and colleagues from other countries. The aim here is to develop intercultural awareness and skills to enable participants to work effectively with people from different cultures.

All our intercultural training courses can be run in different languages and at locations worldwide. For a list of some our training projects for clients throughout Europe and in the US, click here.

LTS is also a pioneer and one of Europe's leading providers of trainer training courses for intercultural trainers. We have run regular 5-day courses at our training centre in Bath since 2005, as well as providing similar courses to groups of trainers worldwide.


LTS consultants have been closely involved with SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) for many years. Philip O'Connor was a founding board member of SIETAR Europa  ( In 1998, LTS organised the annual SIETAR Europa Congress at the University of Bath, which attracted more than 300 speakers and delegates from 25 countries. LTS trainers also give regular workshops at intercultural conferences in Europe and the US.


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