Intercultural Training

Working in International Teams


Have you ever managed or worked in an international team? Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:
  • how do I get this international project team to achieve its targets?
  • how do I motivate people from different countries?
  • how do I build a really good international team?
  • how can I work most effectively in an international team when we work in different countries and different time zones?

Successful, high-performing international teams do not just happen. Working with people from other countries, often using different languages and working across different time zones, is a complex and often frustrating business - and these complexities need to be tackled right from the start. Usually run over two or three days, this workshop uses a range of techniques as a dynamic, interactive approach to help international teams understand and maximise the unique potential of cultural diversity.

  • to examine the dynamics of international teams and team roles
  • to explore the key cultural dimensions that impact on all international team behaviour
  • to introduce the concept of team charters and protocols
  • to provide tips and practical advice on effective leadership, communication, problem-solving and relationship building in an international team context
  • appreciate the positive potential of cultural diversity
  • develop an understanding of different cultural mindsets
  • learn how to manage and work successfully in high-performing international teams
  • learn how to get the most out of individual team members
  • develop a toolkit for understanding and managing intercultural conflict

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