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The intercultural trainers who work with LTS have extensive experience of living, working and running training seminars in many parts of the world. All have an excellent reputation for the quality of their work and their ability to provide training and consulting services tailored to specific client needs. LTS also has a large network of associate trainers and consultants in all parts of the world.
Here are brief details of some of the intercultural trainers who have worked on LTS intercultural training projects.
Adrian Pilbeam
  • Degrees in English and linguistics.
  • British national, now based in the UK, has lived in France, Belgium and Portugal.
  • Director of LTS; intercultural facilitator since 1978 for corporate clients throughout Europe, as well as in the US and the Far East.
  • Intercultural seminars for SkyTeam (US, France, Mexico, Italy, The Netherlands and The Czech Republic), NN Europe (The Netherlands), Augusta-Westland Helicopters (an Italian - British joint venture), CGNU France, American Express Europe, Lucent Technologies (France, Germany and the UK), and GlaxoSmithKline (US and the UK).
  • Intercultural trainer training seminars and workshops for Air France trainers, SkyTeam facilitators and trainers at Audi Akademie.
  • Relocation seminars for HSH Nordbank, MBNA, Amersham Health, Amersham Biosciences, Giesecke & Devrient, Johnson & Johnson, Rohm & Haas, BD, Deutsche Bank, Monster Cable, Fisher Investments Europe.

Donal Lynch
  • Degrees in mathematics, French and applied linguistics.
  • Irish national, now based in the UK, has lived in France, Germany and the US.
  • Intercultural facilitator since 1988 for corporate clients throughout Europe.
  • Intercultural seminars for Benteler Automotive (Germany), SkyTeam (New York, Rome, Prague, Seoul), NN Europe (The Netherlands), Knoll Pharmaceuticals (UK), Lucent Technologies (UK, Ireland and Germany), Atos Worldwide (France) and GlaxoSmithKline (UK); relocation seminars for Pharmacia and Amersham Biosciences (UK) and for MBNA in Ireland.
Philip O'Connor
  • Degrees in education and English.
  • Irish national, now based in the UK, has lived in Sweden and Germany.
  • Intercultural facilitator since 1980 for corporate clients throughout Europe and in the US.
  • Intercultural seminars for SkyTeam (US, Mexico, France, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic and Korea), American Express Europe (UK), Lucent Technologies (India and Ireland), Outukumpu (Sweden and UK), Johnson & Johnson (US) and the International Space University (France); relocation seminars for Amersham Health and EMC in Ireland, and for Rohm & Haas in the UK.
  • Intercultural trainer training seminars and workshops for Air France trainers and SkyTeam facilitators.

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