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Though large scale expatriation may be a thing of the past, companies continue to send key personnel on assignments abroad. This may be a senior appointment or part of a person's career development. In most cases, the family goes too.

It is well documented that over a third of expatriate assignments fail, or underperform, resulting in either early return or poor performance for the period abroad. Sometimes this may be due to the wrong choice of person or assignment. More often it is a result of poor preparation of the assignee and their family, both in terms of practical information about the country they are going to, and knowledge and understanding of the culture of the people they will be living and working with.

These relocation intercultural workshops are tailored to the specific situation of each assignee and their family. Usually run over one or two days, with pre-session preparation and post-course follow up, they give the assignees and their families a full introduction to living and working in the host country.
  • to learn more about the host country - its society, its institutions and the habits and customs of daily life
  • to have a better understanding of the host country's culture and cultural values, and how these influence behaviour in both social and professional situations
  • to examine the similarities and differences between the host country's culture and your own
  • to develop awareness and skills which will help you to develop effective social and working relationships with colleagues and friends in the host country

  • settle in more quickly and with greater assurance
  • reduce the risk of simple misunderstandings due to language or behaviour
  • acquire a better understanding of how to work with or manage host country colleagues more effectively
  • as the accompanying spouse, often the person who has greater difficulty adapting to the new environment, gain a better understanding of both practical matters and people's customs, habits and behaviour
  • show your local colleagues and friends that you are well informed about their country and customs
  • concentrate more fully on your new job


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