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Working with colleagues and clients in other countries is rarely as straightforward as working in your domestic market. Misunderstandings can occur due to language problems; distance can breed distrust; perceptions can be taken as facts; and cultural differences can affect the way decisions are taken, meetings are run, tasks are delegated and completed, and how deadlines are met. Spending one or two days to learn how to overcome some of these obstacles and to develop an awareness of how different people think and behave can greatly improve your international effectiveness.

This is an intensive workshop, typically run over one or two days for groups of 12-15 participants. It is intended for people dealing with the international aspects of business, who have frequent contacts with foreign clients and colleagues, or who work in international teams or project groups. Each workshop is designed exclusively for the client, taking account of their own and their partners' cultures and backgrounds.

Many of these workshops focus on a specific culture or area. Our most popular workshops are Working with Indian partners and Working with Chinese partners. They can be run in English and German.



  • to raise awareness about the key factors involved in intercultural and international communication.
  • to acquire skills and strategies for successful co-operation, partnership and teamwork across national and cultural boundaries
  • to develop tactics and strategies for effective use of English (either as a native or a foreign language) in international communication
  • to provide information about specific cultures that participants deal with regularly


  • become aware of the importance of cultural as a factor in doing business internationally
  • learn about key cultural concepts, such as attitudes to time, authority and information, and how they can help you to predict and interpret different attitudes and behaviour
  • acquire practical skills and strategies for maximising the effectiveness of communication across cultures.

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